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              About our shop


my name is Persia Williams and i am 23 years old.

I started in the vaping business 5 years ago with my parents ,I

was running a small shop we had in Hastings  and my dad was running

the shop in Eastbourne with 2 other members of staff . Unfortunately due

to circumstances we had to close the hasting shop and now I was jobless .

My parents had already   franchise agreement , but didn’t

have a position for me in Eastbourne . I took some time out and went to

Menorca for  a few months were I worked in bars and cafes . When I came

back to the UK I was working in a pub and went  on to be a acting manager.

enjoyed this work I did not like working for any one else and a position

had come up within our business so I jumped at the  chance an dad

showed me the ropes I again lived the work and vaping but hated the ties to

the franchise and not being able  to sell the product and liquids that I

wanted so I spoke to dad and he said I would  stay  there  while he needed

me but was going to set up my own business starting out online . So that’s

where we are now wish me luck x

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